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The modern practical maths mostly revolves around 'probability and its applications', for example: ML, Finance, Statistics... And so this is what we focus on! To get started, simply choose one of the plans (= goal + difficulty level) below:

Casual Learning
(Getting Started)

Beginner friendly plan to get started with probability & applications. No strict timelines and many videos.

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Nothing too mathsy, but with clear references on where and how to learn more. This is both useful for complete beginners as well as for those with experience, who would like to read and watch more diverse stuff on the subject over lunch.

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Probability from School

Covering the middle/high school level material on probability & statistics, but clearly. And more enjoyably :)

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Remark: We want people to understand the concepts and solve good problems. Thus, it is not the fastest way to just get a good grade at some exam, and then forget the subject. This option is also good for those wanting to get started with the mathematics of probability or revise high school material on the topic.

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For Olympiad People

Maths that you are likely to use in your career with cute olympiady problems. All from probability.

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Why not invest a bit your time in doing maths that you are extremely likely to need soon in career? Moreover, a lot of it is "olympiady" in style (with a number of problems being literally from good olympiads), there are a lot problems with counter-intuitive results and unexpected solutions.

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Getting into Finance

Exploration of and preparation for the interviews for Quant-Research, Trading, ... jobs.

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This plan is all about learning more about internships / junior positions at Trading Companies, Hedge Funds, etc... for a maths-minded person. Plus the interviews preparation! It is mostly maths (probability), but there is Python basics we will talk about as well.

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Each of the plans above is a subset of the step-by-step courses (i.e our main curriculum) plus the special programs (i.e extra sets of lessons targeted for specific goals), that are below. They are helpful in case you need something different to above or just want to browse all of what there currently is.

Step By Step Courses

From complete basics of probability, to university level material, applications in statistics or Machine Learning.

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For most of them we will be launching group-based lessons. Thus please sign up on the website (takes a minute) if you wanna stay updated.

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Special Programs

Tailored to specific needs and built on top of parts of the step-by-step courses.

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There will be more programs, we are working on adding them (as the picture suggests :)). Currently there is one for preparation for interviews for internships at trading, as well as some finance, companies.

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Not sure what you should do? Need something unique? Get in touch with us!

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our team

All this has been founded by a few graduates from the University of Cambridge. Plus, many people with serious research or work experience have contributed. The teachers are all students

Our Team

All this has been founded, and is still being run by students & graduates from the University of Cambridge. All of us are young, yet with research/work experience!

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Studying with us means solving lots of problems while getting guidance from a teacher. To make things more engaging, lessons happen online in a 2D virtual world which you can enter 24/7. Thus, you will be able to review the past material, message us directly any time and maybe meet friends :)

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On a side, we are running online events like talks and olympiads. They are all motivational & free! Sometimes you can even win a prize...

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