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Master useful maths skills to expand your opportunities


Nice to meet you!

Quanta gives you an opportunity to do useful mathematics while answering all your questions about "why". Our team is full of young students, i.e people not that different from you.
We know that you may be scared of maths or think that "it is all just useless formulas with no future". But give yourself the chance to be taught properly, and maybe you will share our excitement about how applicable and simply cool it is.

About us

We are students from the University of Cambridge and medalists of International Olympiads. Some of us have worked for a company, others already did serious research. All of us are excited to share our knowledge before we become old and forget it ;)


Educational process

We believe in learning by doing, so studying with us usually involves solving a lot of problems while getting clear guidance from a teacher. We want you to master, not memorise. 
To make things more engaging, lessons happen online in a 2D virtual world which you can enter 24/7. Thus, you will be able to review past material and message us directly any time!


Become a member and dive into the maths of data to develop highly sought after and useful skills!
Our courses are currently focused on teaching probability & statistics. But watch this space — we are working to add more things...

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We are taking extra measures to ensure your children are safe and that your data is used properly. Here is the privacy policy

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